We all take many decisions in our life but most of the decisions tend to be incorrect or sometimes useless.
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We all take many decisions in our life but most of the decisions tend to be incorrect or sometimes useless. Our decisions make us how and by which standards we are performing in our lives and how closely we are moving towards our goals and becoming better decision-makers.

Let’s see 7 -The step Formula on how to make better decisions in life and become a better decision-maker.

better decision-maker

Step: 1 Think of Long Term

No matter how busy you are, next time before you take decisions, think about whether they show any positive results in the future.

For example: If you eat chocolates every day it won’t make any sense and doesn’t give any results in the long term but if you replace those chocolates with salads or fruits then your physical and mental health will grow in long term.

Step: 2 Do What You Believe

Never believe what others say but believe what your heart says. Never give anyone the right to take over the control of your decision-making power.

You are the decision maker of your life for making your life healthier and wealthier.
To be short: Do what you say and Do what you believe.

Step: 3 Think Twice

Before you implement your decision into action think twice about whether it will add value to your life or it’s decreasing your value in life. Think big based on your goals and take decisions and implement them accordingly.

To be short: Think twice before you implement your actions.

Step: 4 Neutral Decisions

Never take your decision when you are angry, depressed, sad, or happy. Because when you take your decisions in these times, you are not taking your decisions based on your goals but you are taking decisions based on your emotions. And moreover, most of the decisions taken during these times mostly are incorrect.

To be short: Take decisions when you’re neutral i.e.away from all emotions such as anger, sadness, or happiness.

Step: 5 What You Want

Everyone has a different goal and everyone tries to fulfill their goals in their life but knowing one thing that they truly what to be in life matters first. So finding that passion and working on that first makes you feel confident and eventually, it pushes you furthermore to accomplish your other goals.

To be short: Find out what truly matters to you and what you want to be in your life and work on it.

Step: 6 Take Risk

After you find out your passion, sometimes it seems harder to be achieved. So believing in yourself, you should be able to step out of your comfort zone and you must take risks in order to push yourself to your highest potential ever.

To be short: Never get back to taking risks in achieving your goals.

Step: 7 No Regrets

Regret fails you before failure does. It’s better to fail in life than to regret of not starting at all. In order to not get hunt by regrets in your life, you must rapidly take small calculated risks according to your goals and keep on moving forward in your life.

To be short: Take risks and fail but never regret them.


We make many decisions that change daily but some decisions should be taken firmly in order to achieve our goals. By, following these formulas one can become a better decision-maker in their life. Goals may be many but by using strong decision-making power we can implement better actions in our life and make life better than before.

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