how to improve self esteem
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Being Esteemed to others is a great quality but being self-esteem is the greatest quality of a human being. Knowingly or unknowingly by our social aspirations we often feel that we are unworthy and we self-doubt ourselves. Then how to stop thinking negatively about ourselves which brings in low self-esteem. Let’s see how can we improve our self-esteem.

how to improve self esteem

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is the opinion made by yourself based on your abilities and limitations that are determined by what is happening around you.

What is meant by low self-esteem?

If you’re repeatedly saying negative things to yourself and sowing negative thoughts in your mind and blaming yourself when things are not in your favor etc. If these signs are appearing in yourself then you have low self-esteem.

What are the consequences of having low self-esteem?

Low self-esteem causes in weakening oneself ability on their own, lack of respect and appreciation from society. And it also makes you to stick to your comfort zone by not pushing yourself to a higher potential.

Factors affecting low self-esteem

There are 4 four that cause us to be low self-esteem:

  • Lower confidence
  • Feeling Inferior
  • Low competence
  • Social Life

Let’s understand these factors in detail:

1: Lower Confidence

You have to be confident in everything that you are doing in your life. Low confidence results in a disability of doing something even though you have the ability and potential to achieve that something. The people who have low confidence are afraid to make mistakes and they are not willing to step out of their comfort zone.

To be short: Even if you have no hope that you will achieve something, then also be confident that you will get successful anyhow. Tell this to your brain again and again. Then you will build confidence slowly over time.

2: Feeling Inferior

You have to know that no one is greater or lesser than you. If you’re just eating in a five-star restaurant, it’s not meant that you are superior. And if you’re just eating in a normal restaurant, it’s not meant that you are inferior. It’s all the view of perspective. Be Unique and Be yourself!

To be short: Just stop comparing yourself with others. Recognize your strengths and work on them to create a beautiful life ahead.

3: Low Competence

If you’re feeling a lack of something in your life, that may be knowledge, skills, or experience then you need to work on them, rather than self-sabotaging yourself negatively. Everyone are not born with any knowledge or skills they need to acquire them through constant hard work and dedication.


To be short: Never stop learning and never give up until you reach your goal.
Learning over time leads to achieving overnight success.

4: Social Life

Comparing one’s lifestyle with others makes you feel stressed. What you see in the digital world is different from what is happening in the digital world. They only show the status and money they have but they won’t reveal the years of deliberate hard work and sweat. So won’t get stressed out about what you are seeing in the reel world.

To be short: Building friends and relationships come to be very crucial in this social world but how you build these things matters a lot. Living the life you wanted is better than living the lifestyle of others.

Ways to Improve self-esteem

1: Prioritise Yourself First

Don’t underestimate yourself by sowing negative thoughts in your mind. Before you respect others and give value to others, give respect and value to yourself first. You are the only Game changer in your life, so prioritize yourself first over others.

2: Set Boundaries

Fix some boundaries according to yourself. Never cross them at any cost. Then no one can take advantage of your kindness. These boundaries will help you in achieving respect as well as appreciation in society. Don’t allow any others to take control of yourself. Don’t be afraid to say your opinion to anyone.

3: Say “No”

Saying “No” is a great quality but it shouldn’t be in a hurting or harsh way. You have to assertively say “No”, over the rights you have. Your time is valuable to you and you should value your time and you need to be aware that no one has control over taking your time if you just say “No” politely without hurting other’s feelings.

4: Don’t be assistant

Many of us feel inferior to others we do all the things which are told to us. As it seems like they are ordering us to do something and we as a pleaser, we are doing everything as they told us. Stop being an assistant to someone, tell them that you’re not a server. Firstly, it seems difficult but over time, the people who ordered you get calm and they’ll stop ordering things from you.

5: Achievable Goals

Set Goals that seem to be measurable and achievable in the targeted time bound, because when you set small and achievable goals you will finish them in no time, and eventually you will work more since you felt the touch of success. Even though your goal is big, break down them into small chunks and finish them to avoid burnout and to get work done at the same time.


Having low self-esteem is not a problem at all. Because it can be fixed if you put some work into improving it. What matters in life is how you live in your life. Are you living the life you want or just wasting time? Just you can change your life in 6 months. However, self-esteem can be improved by just following the above 5 ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 10 suggestions to help improve your self-esteem?

1: Be Positive
2: Stop Comparing
3: Set Boundaries
4: Be Confident
5: Avoid Overthinking
6: Focus on Yourself
7: Be kind
8: Let it go
9: Smart Goals
10: Say No

How do you improve self-esteem quickly?

1: Focus on one thing
2: Don’t think about others
3: Remember Your Achievements
4: Take Time
5: Be Yourself

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